The HSMA Alumni organization currently doesn’t have a way to take donations directly, but if you’d like to participate financially, we’d love to direct your gift directly to HSMA. You’ll just need to click on the PayPal button below. Please say “HSMA Alumni Donation” as the description, and put in any amount you’d like. Note: gifts can’t be earmarked for specific purposes unless you’ve made previous arrangements with HSMA directly. General donations will be used at the board’s discretion, maybe to help individual students or to support organization-wide goals.

Here are some examples of what your money can do:

$15 covers a student’s “rehearsal gear” T-Shirt
$25 covers a couple pieces of music for one student
$45 can mean a child gets to join a second program, like choir
$85 might buy a whole new piece of music for the entire band or orchestra, re-used year after year!
$100 is the cost for one student to participate for one semester
$150 could help a student part of the way on a special outing, like BJU or Tour
$185 is about the yearly tuition for a student in one group
$225 is about the yearly tuition for a student in two groups
$350 could help a family with two students add music education to their homeschool
$500 is a huge blessing to an organization that keeps to a tight budget
$675 is about the yearly tuition for a family of four students each in one group
$800 goes a long way to help defray the cost of putting on a winter or spring concert
$1000 might help reimburse a hard-working conductor for their service
$2500 helps build new infrastructure (remember raising money for the percussion trailer?)
$5000 blesses every single student of HSMA in some way
$10,000 is a great way to build an enduring legacy of music and invest in future generations

Those are all just examples of some of the ways HSMA might be able to use your donations.


(Secondary note: most dollar amounts above should be pretty accurate, but some are guesses or outright wild ballparks. And if you donate online, Paypal will deduct a fee as well. If you want to sponsor something specific, talk to HSMA first!)

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